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About DMW Game

Hello and welcome to DMW. Explore the magical board game of DMW as you relive the experience of a classic Snake & Ladders game with some major plot twists. A stock of mystical objects and characters await your presence in this ORIGINAL board game. DMW is a multiplayer game that can be played by upto 10 players. Customize your characters and climb the leaderboard.

DMW integrates in itself the artifacts of all board games that have kept the human civilization engaged since the beginning of time. Whether it be Chausar from the ancient Mahabharata or the modern chess, DMW packs features from all these games. DMW essentially is reflection of one’s life where your luck meets karma. Where Karma can actually affect your destiny and change your course.

Not being arrogant but, “A person with a good sense of DMW is probably good at facing and overcoming life problems.”